Holistic foot care experience crafted over centuries

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Traditional plant ingredients from Korean Organic Farming

  • "Smells great and really deep moisturized and polished my feet. Once it absorbed in, no oily residue." Jennifer H

  • "I like how I didn't have to keep applying lotion to my feet during the day. They have some really good ingredients and I love the way my feet look and feel." Sherry M

  • "The ingredients leave your feet feeling clean as a whistle. Your feet just feel very raw and fresh. It's worth a try if you are a foot person who likes to keep it all looking great down there. I was very surprised that something that doesn't have you soaking in hot water could do this."

    May L

  • "Very softening. As described. I like the fact that it's 100% organic ingredients." Tiffany

  • "I battle with constantly dry feet so in addition to foot lotions, I like to use a foot mask every weekend. I wore them overnight while I was sleeping. My feet felt (and looked) fabulous in the morning. This mask did not ruin my polish." Linda M

  • "Before my feet were dry and the heels were caking. I left on for 20 minutes and afterward my feet were moisturized and sandal ready. Smooth." L.T.