Clapoti's Innovative Footcare Approach: The Korean Sauna Way, From Home

Clapoti's Innovative Footcare Approach: The Korean Sauna Way, From Home

  1. Innovative foot care products for healthy feet: Clapoti provides dedicated foot care solutions, saving you time and research while ensuring your feet receive the care they deserve.

  2. Organic ingredients from South Korean farms: Our formulas feature natural ingredients like green tea, sourced locally for their hydrating properties, promoting skin regeneration and even tone.

  3. Stress-free foot care routine for relaxation: Enjoy a complete routine of cleansing, peeling, and moisturizing products, recreating a soothing Korean sauna experience at home for improved foot comfort and overall well-being.

You'll be in love with your feet every time you step on them

In Western countries, shoes are worn inside the house. Showers and bedtime are the only times you see your feet. At night, when you put your socks on, you may feel them chafe against the sheets. It's not possible to find a pedicare nearby and you don't have time to search. 

Clapoti fixes this. You don't need to research, or be in that place, or figure out how to book. Your feet will be in love with our innovative foot care products that are solely dedicated to foot health.

Organic ingredients will benefit your feet in every way

We have worked with a South Korean research lab to create the most natural way to even out your skin tone. To ensure that your skin is safe, we source ingredients from local Korean farms. For instance, our main ingredient is green tea, sourced from the Korean tea fields region, which is known for its natural hydrating properties.

As part of our research, we developed formulas that penetrate deeply into the skin and address the natural regeneration process of the skin. Similar to Korean skincare sauna experiences, our use of high-quality ingredients and effective formulas boosts the skin's natural hydration, keeping it soft and supple. 

You'll enjoy stress-free foot care

With a foot care routine that includes cleansing, peeling, and moisturizing products, you can relax, enjoy, and unwind. It is possible to recreate the relaxing Korean sauna routine at home by combining natural techniques and the right approach. If you follow this routine every week, you will notice significant improvements in your body comfort, foot skin appearance, and overall foot well-being after a few weeks.

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We just saw your product in Natural Organic Products Show. Sounds perfect for the feet using traditional Korean farm natural ingredients.
regards Stephen

S Vogel

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