What is a Korean Sauna?

What is a Korean Sauna?

  • Korean saunas are known for their relaxing pools
  • Korea is home to + 4000 saunas
  • United States is home to + 42 Korean-style saunas

Saunas have been a popular form of relaxation and wellness for centuries, and Korean saunas in particular have gained popularity in recent years. In Korea alone, there are more than 4000 local saunas, in the US, more than 42 Korean bathhouses, mainly located in California, New York and Texas.

Locals come to these saunas to relax in hot and cold rooms and pools.

Many of the rooms use natural materials, such as forest charcoal. These materials have specific functions, like increasing blood flow, relieving stressed muscles, or helping the lymphatic system and respiratory system. For instance, the charcoal room helps to remove toxins from the body and increases metabolism by increasing the body's temperature. Gradually, stress flows out of your body and vanishes into thin air. 

After this guided repetition, once you have basked a few times in the heated rooms, you head down to the water area located in the basement, separated by gender. Same as on the upper floors, you follow a strict routine, alternating between hot baths and cold plunge water pools, saunas, jacuzzis, and steam rooms. Gradually, your skin starts to change, replenish, refresh, leaving you with a new refreshing feeling.  

In the Korean sauna, after so many heated and cold treatments, the ultimate way to boost circulation and regain a smooth complexion is to scrub in the scrub chamber. With the help of a grainy glove, a lady will scrub your dead skin away, from head to toe. She will throw buckets of water and finish it up with a foot or body massage. 

You will come back to the Korean sauna after a day spent achieving a clear mind and healthy skin through a self-imposed routine, with different steps. As a cultural tradition that draws entire families multiple times a week to the local bathhouse, visitors visit the sauna to socialize, relax for four to six hours in a row to sleep their week off or get away from a stressful work life.

As we all love feeling refreshed, having smooth feet, we created Clapoti, a skincare line that makes people feel better about themselves the Korean sauna way, especially if you are far away from a Korean spa or want to relax at home while getting skin tightening, relaxation, and repair benefits.

Have you been to a Korean sauna?


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