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Foot Exfoliant Cream - for healthy and hydrated skin with organic green tea, ginger and perilla (3 pairs)

Foot Exfoliant Cream - for healthy and hydrated skin with organic green tea, ginger and perilla (3 pairs)

Plant enzymes and traditional Korean plants


Delicate no-rinse exfoliant: with 100% organic green tea, perilla, ginger and natural enzymes to accelerate the dissolution of dead skin cells.

Feel Fabulous, energized and sleep better after using Clapoti foot masks. Use our masks AM or PM, after a shower, or at bedtime.

Moisturizes, smoothes dry soles lines: our unique, delicate exfoliant formula for feet is gentle enough to be used multiple times a week on every overlooked foot.

Organic ingredients

100% Organic Green Tea leaves, Perilla plants, Ginger flowers.

Pleasant Scent

Korean cypress forest natural scent. No fragrance, no perfume.


Bio-degradable outer paper pouch

How to use

1 - Apply the exfoliant mask to clean feet, after a shower, or at bedtime.
2 - Massage your sole in circular motion with your knuckles to help with absorption.
3 - Leave on for 10 minutes or more, depending on your level of comfort, and let the enzymes work.
4 -After you take the masks off, pat gently any remaining cream. Discard the masks.
5 - No rinsing is needed.

Apply a foot mask every day to intensify the treatment.
For feet restoration, two to three times a week; for continuing treatment, a minimum of once a week.
Choose depending on your skin condition!

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Inspired by ancient Korean tradition, Clapoti is created to introduce organic, delicate skincare, an element of ritual and daily appreciation for our bodies in the modern routine.

Made organically with natural enzymes, this no-rinse foot exfoliant mask dissolves aging skin cells and reveals visibly healthy-looking skin beneath.

It is formulated with moisturizing, skin protection and anti-ageing ingredients bound to accelerate the resurfacing of new feet skin.

80% organic, 99% natural

Traditional Korean plants: Green tea leaves, Perilla plant and Ginger flowers.

Natural Enzymes: Pineapple, Fig, Papaya

Safe for all dry, flaky, sensitive skin types:

  • Certified safe in Europe. Scores 93/100 on Yuka consumer app.
  • Developed with chemists in Korea and recommended by podiatrists in France
  • Recyclable paper pouch

As we developed our products with your comfort in mind, we created a formula that is fast-absorbing, non-greasy that will give you an immediately attractive feet look, clean skin and natural elasticity.

Inspired by holistic Korean spa rituals, our foot masks will make you feel fabulous, energized and sleep better.

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