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Spa Week

Spa Week


Organic ingredients

100% Organic Green Tea leaves, Perilla Plant, Ginger Flower


Korean cypress forest natural scent. No fragrance, no perfume.


Bio-degradable outer paper pouch


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Two best-selling foot care products that encourage you to start taking care of your feet!

If you have been postponing a self-care moment in your routine, or looking to clear your mind in the midst of a busy week, we have created a generous bundle of relaxation.

After taking your shower, slip on a foot exfoliant mask for as long as you want - from 10 min, to 30, to a full night of sleep. 

The following morning, while getting prepared for your day, tear a cream mask, put it on and sit down with your cup of coffee, while catching up with the latest news. 

Start again mid-week and a week from that date.

This set will deliver everything you need to start to get your feet fixed. 

Inspired by holistic Korean spa rituals, our foot masks will make you feel fabulous, energized and sleep better.

 This set includes 3 pairs of Foot exfoliant mask and 3 pairs of Foot cream mask.

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