Your first step to soft, smooth, nourished feet. Ready? Step this way.

Inspired by traditional Korean spa culture, our modern foot masks are made with natural, organic ingredients. No rinse. No spills. No fuss. With lasting results. This is your self-care journey - let’s make every step count.

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    Renew, repair and restore feet

    We believe the foot care category needs an upgrade. So, our products are natural, organic and easy to use.

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    Soothe, moisturize and relax

    Wear them for an hour or overnight. In bed or in first class. It’s up to you. For the softest feet, use two to three times a week, or daily. Don’t forget our foot wash to go that extra mile.

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    We only use certified organic ingredients, natural scents & plant enzymes

    Our products are sourced in Korea. We commit to no alcohol, aluminum, parabens, phthalates and sulfates. We are proudly vegan. We stand firm against animal testing. Our foot masks are packed in recyclable pouches.

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    When to use Clapoti? After a long day of walking or travel

    When to use Clapoti? At home Spa Day