The Journey Behind Clapoti's Spa Scent

The Journey Behind Clapoti's Spa Scent

  • Clapoti's spa scent is inspired by the elegance of French perfumery and the therapeutic power of nature.
  • The scent incorporates carefully selected botanical ingredients, with cypress taking center stage for its refreshing and aromatic qualities, evoking a sense of vitality and serenity.
  • By immersing spa-goers in a multisensory experience, Clapoti's spa scent enhances the transformative journey, restoring a profound sense of well-being.


When it comes to creating a great spa scent, our Clapoti line takes inspiration from the beauty of nature and the rejuvenating power of the outdoors. We wanted to craft a fragrance that would transport spa-goers to a natural oasis, evoking a sense of freshness, tranquility, and vitality.

France, with its rich heritage in perfumery, served as a guiding influence for our scent creation process. The country has a long-standing tradition of crafting elegant, refined, and artistic fragrances. French perfumes are renowned for their use of high-quality ingredients sourced from a diverse array of natural elements, including flowers, spices, and woods. We drew upon this expertise to select the finest essences that would capture the essence of nature and enhance the spa experience.

In Korea, the concept of forest bathing has gained popularity as a means to immerse oneself in the therapeutic benefits of nature. Forests, such as the cypress forests in the country, offer a serene and rejuvenating environment for those seeking to clear their minds and restore their well-being. Places like Juknokwon bamboo forest and Jeollabuk-do cypress trees attract visitors who yearn to experience the aromatic air and invigorating ambiance of the forest.

Taking inspiration from these natural environments, we carefully curated our Clapoti spa scent to replicate the soothing and invigorating sensations of being surrounded by nature. Just as the cypress forests in Korea offer foot baths and the chance to walk barefoot over cypress sawdust, our spa scent aims to recreate that refreshing feeling. The aromatic notes of cypress and other carefully chosen botanicals transport spa-goers to a serene woodland setting, where the air is crisp, the energy is revitalizing, and the mind finds clarity.

The Clapoti line goes beyond providing a simple fragrance; it aims to enhance the spa bathing experience by immersing individuals in a multisensory journey. As spa-goers indulge in our products, they are enveloped by a scent that elicits a connection to the natural world, promoting a sense of well-being and restoring their vitality. The carefully chosen ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship behind our scent aim to evoke the beauty of the outdoors, inviting individuals to unwind, rejuvenate, and reconnect with themselves in a spa sanctuary.

At Clapoti, we believe that scent is a powerful tool in capturing the essence of nature and elevating the spa experience. By drawing inspiration from French perfumery traditions and the healing powers of natural environments like the cypress forests of Korea, we have crafted a spa scent that brings the outdoors inside, enhancing the transformative journey of self-care and wellness.

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