About Us

Founded in Paris by Korean born Marie Perruchet, Clapoti is here to refresh the dated foot care category. Using only natural, organic ingredients from the heart of Korea, our foot masks protect and nourish feet, leaving them renewed and rejuvenated.

Inspired by Korean Saunas, we believe in a holistic approach to the body, where the feet are the key to whole body happiness. Use in bed or in first class. For one hour or all night. Our no rinse, no spills, no fuss formula will make them an easy part of your routine. This is your first step to soft, nourished, beautiful feet. Ready? Step this way.  



As a French-American born in Korea and based in Paris, I have lived many lives. I became interested in foot care through my travels. From blind foot massages in Shanghai to an illness cured through reflexology in Amsterdam. But when I discovered the Korean sauna, everything clicked. I felt renewed, alive and restored. I wanted to share this ancient foot culture with the modern world.

Back in Paris, I began selling things on Vinted and gave away free foot masks for my ratings. Soon, people liked the masks more than the clothes. But the product wasn’t good enough. The category was dated and everything was filled with toxins, metals, and alcohol. I knew I could do it better. So I found an organic supplier that could make my product in a natural, organic way. I am always maximising my time, so I created a no rinse, no spills, no fuss formula to make it an easy part of anyone's routine.

Now I have a community of Clapoti users all over the world. Each one discovering the joy of beautiful feet and together, we’re making every step count. 

I hope you will join us. Marie x