Why Clapoti?
Clapoti Organic Korean Skincare for Feet help you feel confident about your feet and yourself! Our formula active ingredients are certified organic in Korea, vegan and cruelty free. We have full control on our cosmetic formulations.

What’s the difference with other foot cleansing masks? 
Our products are harmless contrary to 99% of foot products that contain herbicides and pesticides. It means no irritation for your skin or toxins in your blood. Please refer to our ingredients list.

What’s the difference between the moisturizing and the cleansing foot mask?
Our cleansing foot masks are designed for anyone with dry to parchment-like skin. Our moisturizing foot masks are designed to help you achieve more unified skin tone. This is ideal for people with irritated skin.  You can combine both for maximum results and hydration.

Will this cleansing foot mask remove calluses ? 
Clapoti organic cleansing foot masks are designed for your comfort in mind, and this means they will soften and nourish your feet. It will help your calluses disappear, in combination with using quality files and regular deep cleansing.

Shall I put this on in the morning, at night? Can I wear socks after?
You can do a quick treatment before starting your day or keep the masks overnight. Yes, you can always put on socks after you apply the mask, go dancing, attend your best friend’s wedding or go on a date night.

Will this moisturizing foot mask relieve my foot pain?
Clapoti organic skincare masks are designed to relieve foot fatigue by using healthy concentration of natural ingredients. We recommend giving yourself a foot massage to maximize the benefits of our potent ingredients.

How often shall I apply a foot mask?
These are general guidelines :If you have very parchment-like feet: 2-3 times a weekDry feet: 1-2 times a weekWrinkled feet: 1-3 times a month

Why do you have to keep the foot mask for a minimum of 10 min?
For the formula to sink in and moisturize your skin, you should leave it on for 30 minutes, or even longer, overnight. This will protect your feet until the next wash time.

How do you fit a foot mask in your feet routine?
We recommend sticking to a simple routine : consistently applying a foot repair cream mask will ensure you maintain healthy feet and see effective results.

Will it ruin my pedicure?
You can safely use Clapoti right after your pedicure. Our products won't damage your skin.